Action Group

Action Group is a private equity investment group, founded by entrepreneur Hamish Harding in 2002, based in Dubai and UK that invests in companies in fast growing sectors around the world. Companies benefit from the Group’s wide experience of conducting successful entrepreneurial businesses in a wide variety of countries worldwide.

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Action Aviation

Action Group owns the well-known business aviation brokerage company, Action Aviation established 2004, which carries out aircraft sales and acquisitions in the business aviation field. Action Aviation has a portfolio of aircraft it represents for sale, from light jets and helicopters up to Gulfstream G650ER aircraft and Airbus Corporate Jets / Boeing Business Jets as well as assists clients to source the right business jet.
Action Aviation also has wide experience of aeromedical services including the set up of national helicopter air ambulance services in multiple countries.

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Action Property Group

Action Group owns the property development company, Action Property Group established 2006, which invests in and develops luxury properties. An example of its work was a luxury duplex penthouse with spectacular views of Lords Cricket Ground in London which was created from an empty shell property. The property was featured in many publications such as the Times Property Supplement, The Telegraph, and the Wall Street Journal where it was their property of the week.
Currently Action Property Group is selling a 92,500 sq ft aviation facility in the US.

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Action Productions

Action Group owns a film investment company, Action Productions established 2010, which has partnered with a Hollywood production company to co-produce a documentary highlighting the plight of the Sioux Indian Nation and the third world conditions at the Pine Ridge Reservation of South Dakota, USA.
Action Productions is currently partnered with the Hollywood production company, Untitled.

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One More Orbit

Action Aviation sponsored One More Orbit, a flight mission to circumnavigate the earth via both poles and breaking two world records in the attempt.
On July 9-11 2019, 50 years after man first walked on the moon, Action Aviation Chairman Hamish Harding and former International Space Station Commander Col. Terry Virts broke the round-the-world record for any aircraft flying over the north and south poles in a Qatar Executive Gulfstream G650er ultra-long-range business jet. Their attempt pushed the boundaries of human ingenuity – just like the Apollo 11 mission did half a century ago. This poignant film reminds us to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in our day-to-day lives and what satellite communications can do to connect the world to a better future.
Hamish Harding and first time film director Col. Terry Virts, teamed with Vision Films to create the Documentary.

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